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Why Choose CEREC® Same-Day Crowns?
There are many benefits to consider before choosing the latest CEREC® technology to restore your smile over conventional crowns. Your tooth is restored in one...
What is a Sinus Lift?
What is a Sinus Lift? You often find a lowered sinus when you need to replace a tooth or multiple teeth with dental implants in...
Immediate Implants Patient Smiling
What is an Immediate Implant?
What is an Immediate Implant?‍ Do you have a broken tooth that needs replacement as soon as possible? New advances in technique and technology allow...
Invisalign Instructions
Invisalign Instructions
INVISALIGN INSTRUCTIONS Have you ever wondered what it’s like to use Invisalign to improve your smile? Please keep reading to find out our tips for...
IPR Invisalign
IPR: What Is It, Does It Hurt, & Do I Need It?
IPR: What is Interproximal Reduction, also known as Slenderization? When planning for your Invisalign, there is a good chance you will need IPR or Slenderization....
Munchies: Aligner's Best Friend
Munchies - Aligner's Best Friend
Aligner Fit Issues Dr. Chang has been treating hundreds of patients with Invisalign for several years. Some patients have aligner-fitting issues; the trays don’t fit...
Sedation Options
IV and Oral Sedation Options
 Do you know anyone fearful or anxious about having dental procedures? Have you or anyone you know avoided going to the dentist because of...
Instructions before Sedation
Instructions Before IV & Oral Sedation
 Instructions Before IV and Oral Sedation Please wear comfortable (not tight) clothing for your sedation visit. Don’t wear makeup, jewelry, rings, or watches to...
Instructions After Sedation
Instructions After IV & Oral Sedation
Do you know anyone who is fearful, or anxious to have dental procedures? Have you or anyone you know avoided going to the dentist from...

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