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Sleep Apnea Treatment in West Caldwell, New Jersey

Being aware of signs of Sleep Apnea could help save and change your or your loved one’s life. You don’t have to snore to have Sleep Apnea, and more comfortable alternatives to sleep test at labs and CPAP masks are now available. Ask us today about how you can sleep, live and feel better with professionally made Oral Sleep Appliances!

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Constricted Airway

Anatomy of tongue, jaws, nose and face, decrease in muscle tension from hormonal changes, congested sinuses, weight gain can all cause constricted airway. Constricted airway stops breathing or makes you breath as if you were breathing through a coffee straw. This causes oxygen levels to drop, stressing your heart to beat much faster and harder to make up for the loss in oxygen, disturbances in sleep, and sometimes waking up at night.


Oral Sleep Appliance

Oral Sleep Appliance gently holds your lower jaw forward while sleeping, which allows for an open airway.


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Oral Sleep Appliance

Allows for less interruptions in sleep, which means sleeping and feeling better.

Many patients can successfully treat Sleep Apnea or Upper Airway resistance by using custom-fiitted Oral Sleep Appliances. Ask us how you can sleep, live and feel better today!


Dr. Shaina Shah

Talks About The 5 Most Asked Questions About Sleep Apnea & Oral Appliance Therapy

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Are you tired of constantly being tired? Have you noticed someone who snore at night, chokes while sleeping, or wakes up out of breath? An estimated 18 million Americans have Sleep Apnea, and 80-90% remain undiagnosed. Undiagnosed Airway Problems such as Sleep Apnea or Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome can impact the productivity and quality of life, cause significant health problems, and increase risks of serious health conditions.

Dental Sleep Medicine is the treatment of Airway Problems using Oral Sleep Appliances. Oral Sleep Appliances are equally as effective and much more comfortable than the often not-used and awkward CPAP machines.

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Chances are you or someone you know may have Airway Problems as well

Dental Sleep Medicine is personal to our team. Dr. Chang’s journey into Dental Sleep Medicine started when his own father suffered from severe Sleep Apnea but could not tolerate CPAP machines. Later, Dr. Chang was also diagnosed with moderate Sleep Apnea, and Dr. Kim’s mother was diagnosed with mild Sleep Apnea.

Chances are you or someone you know may have Airway Problems as well. Middle-aged men like Dr. Chang’s father are often suspected of having Airway Problems. However, young and fit men like Dr. Chang and young and fit women can have Airway Problems too. Middle-aged women like Dr. Kim’s mother and even children suffer from undiagnosed Airway Problems like Sleep Apnea and Upper Airway Resistance.

Don’t Leave Your Sleep Apnea Untreated

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Signs of Airway Problems Can Include

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Long-term consequences of Airway Problems Can Include:

3-Year Warranty For Oral Sleep Appliances

At Blooming Dental & Implant Center, we offer a 3-year warranty for your peace of mind for Oral Sleep Appliances. We use Prosomnus, the best Made in America Oral Sleep Appliance in the Industry that Dr. Chang uses every night!

*Patients must keep up with regular 6-month checkup appointments to properly monitor and maintain your smile; otherwise, warranty is null and void.

*Animal chews, major dental work (crowns, implants, etc.) or losing the appliance are not covered.

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