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Embarrassed by a “Gummy” Smile?

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Restore Balance and Esthetics

A “gummy” smile can be a constant source of self-consciousness, leaving you hesitant to talk, smile, and laugh openly around others. You’ll benefit from our personalized crown lengthening services if you’re tired of living with small teeth. Our cosmetic dentists at Blooming Dental & Implant Center have extensive experience restoring smiles to optimum health and esthetics. Through a personalized process, we’ll determine the cause of your gummy smile to provide targeted and lasting treatment—and renew your confidence in a beautiful, balanced smile!

At Blooming Dental & Implant Center our dentist and dental team are skilled in these restorative treatments and have the artistic eye to provide aesthetically attractive outcomes, as well as returning function to your tooth.

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Common Causes of Gummy Smiles

Expert Crown Lengthening Treatment

Our crown lengthening in West Caldwell, NJ has both esthetic and functional purposes. While many patients seek treatment for cosmetic concerns, we provide treatment for a gummy smile to promote oral health, too. Excessive gum tissues can harbor bacterial plaque underneath, increasing the risk for tooth decay and infection. Our dentists have the expertise to determine the cause of your condition and consider both the functional and esthetic aspects of your treatment. Planning is also crucial to ensure the most esthetic outcomes of your procedure.

Our dentists will precisely map out the most natural height of each tooth and arch of the gums around them. Using considerable skill, we make sure that each individually treated tooth creates a stunningly balanced smile with the proper tooth-to-gum ratio. Next, you’ll undergo crown lengthening surgery while under sedation, where our dentists will gently remove the planned amount of tissue. You’ll experience minor swelling and discomfort after the procedure, but the esthetic results of your surgery will be noticeable soon after. Enjoy your attractive, new smile for years to come!

Erase your gummy smile.

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