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Pinhole Gum Grafting

Gum recession occurs when pockets of infection develop at and around the gum line, causing the soft tissue to pull away from the teeth and expose the dentin underneath. We treat this condition by performing a minimally invasive procedure to reverse the effects of gum recession without the need for large incisions or sutures. Your dentist will use a special tool to make a tiny hole in your gums and reach the deeper layers of gum tissue. Next, they will reposition the tissue over the exposed portion of your teeth. Once the tissue is successfully repositioned, your dentist will insert a small strip of collagen to hold the tissue in place while it heals. The result is a healthy, rejuvenated gum line without surgery.

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Minimally Invasive Gum Recession Treatment to Restore a Healthy Smile

Gum recession can not only make you feel self-conscious about your smile, but it can also affect your oral health! You need a certain level of gum tissue around the teeth to reduce tooth sensitivity and protect your tooth roots. If you notice your gums are receding, you may be a candidate for a gum grafting or gum restoration procedure. Receding gum surgery is now gentler, easier, and faster using Pinhole® Surgical Technique™ (PST™). Our dental team is fully trained to perform this minimally invasive procedure.

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The Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST)

How Does the Pinhole Surgical Technique Work?

Our team may recommend the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) if you have lost some of your gum tissue from gum disease or other factors such as teeth grinding habits or using the wrong tooth brushing technique. Traditional gum grafting surgery typically involves removing a sample of healthy tissue from the palate and suturing it to the gum line, however, PST can be an attractive noninvasive option for patients who want immediate cosmetic benefits. PST can restore the gum line without incisions or sutures. To perform this procedure, one of our experienced team members makes a very small hole in the gum tissue, through which he uses special instruments to loosen the healthy gum tissue and move it to cover exposed root surfaces. The process is relatively simple and effective enough to restore the gum line without extensive surgery. With PST, our dental team can treat several teeth in a single visit.

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Receding Gum Surgery with PST

Receding gum surgery is a common procedure that many patients require in order to correct noticeable recession caused by periodontal disease, traditional gum disease treatment and orthodontic procedures, genetics, or from brushing the teeth too harshly over long periods of time. Correcting the problem is important because gum recession causes significant tooth root exposure, which changes the way the smile appears and functions. Teeth may look poorly shaped, larger than normal, develop gaps and spaces, and feel more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Loss of gum tissue also puts teeth at higher risk for decay and other complications.
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Causes of Receding Gums

Gum recession typically occurs as a side effect of periodontal disease but may also be the result of brushing too aggressively or other factors. We can address your concerns during your visit.

Common Causes of Gum Recession

Beautiful, Healthy Gums in Less Time

Conventional receding gum surgery replaces lost gum tissue by taking healthy tissue from the roof of the mouth or a tissue bank and relocating it to the receded areas. The process works well but can be painful and require several office visits, depending on the amount of recession that has occurred. PST for receding gum surgery is different. Our skilled dental team is fully trained and experienced in providing this advanced and innovative technique.

With PST, there is no grafting involved. Special tools are used to create a very small hole in the gum line. The tissue is gently handled until it becomes loose enough to be pulled over the tooth roots. The technique is very tolerable, making it possible for us to perform the procedure in several areas during your visit. Recovery is much faster than traditional receding gum surgery and patients are thrilled with the immediate results. If you need receding gum surgery, pinhole surgical treatment in West Caldwell, NJ with our team is worth considering. Contact us today to arrange your appointment.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique Can Restore Your Beautiful Smile!

Gum recession treatment can restore your gum line and improve your oral health.

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