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You Don’t Have to Struggle with Poor Dental Health

Failing oral health can leave you feeling uncertain about what the future holds. Missing teeth make it impossible to eat and chew comfortably and limit your food choices. Broken and decayed teeth can leave you in constant pain. Perhaps worst of all, dental health problems can make you feel ashamed of your smile, damaging your confidence and making you want to hide your smile and shy away from photos even in the happiest moments.

Whether you’re already struggling with ill-fitting dentures or facing the possibility of needing your teeth replaced because of failing teeth or advanced gum disease, you need a permanent, functional solution. Fortunately, full-mouth dental implants can completely rebuild your entire set of teeth with the strength, functionality, and beauty of healthy natural teeth!


Dr. Chang

Talks About Fixed Full Arch Vs Removable Full Arch

With our advanced training and cutting-edge imaging and surgical technology, Dr. Theodore Chang at Blooming Dental & Implant Center has the expertise and experience to restore the beauty and stability of your smile with full-mouth dental implants in West Caldwell, NJ. Even if you’ve been turned away by other surgeons, we have specialized training in techniques such as zygomatic implant placement that may offer hope for even the most complex cases. Don’t give up on living your life to the fullest with full-mouth dental implants!


Dr. Chang

Talks About Fixed Full Arch Vs Removable Full Arch

Don’t Settle for Conventional Restorations

Even the best-fitting dentures fall short of fully replacing missing teeth. Traditional dentures rely on suction and messy adhesives, limiting their functionality and causing discomfort. Over time, acrylic dentures stain, break down and struggle to withstand biting force, leading to restricted food choices and nutritional deficiencies. The fit of dentures worsens as the jawbone shrinks, causing shifting, slipping, and ulcers.

Full-arch dental implants offer a superior solution. They are permanently fused to the jawbone, providing stability, comfort, and durability with ceramic material. Unlike dentures, they do not cover the roof of the mouth, allowing clear speech and full taste sensations. With the ability to withstand 99% of normal biting forces, full-arch dental implants enable confident chewing and a wider range of food options. They eliminate shifting, provide a natural appearance, and enhance the quality of life, making them the ideal choice for tooth loss.

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Implant Supported Dentures

Full Mouth Dental Implants

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