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Failing dental health can be discouraging and overwhelming, not to mention painful. Whether you’re already missing teeth or you have unsalvageable teeth that need to be removed, you may struggle to eat, chew, and speak clearly. You might also feel embarrassed to show your brightest smile and shy away from pictures or social situations.

At Blooming Dental & Implant Center, we understand how difficult it can be to struggle with missing and failing teeth or feel like you must settle for an old-fashioned denture that limits your food choices. Fortunately, dental implants can rebuild a full set of strong, stable teeth that will look and feel completely natural, renewing your confidence and your smile.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to pursuing advanced training in the most up-to-date techniques and invested in cutting-edge technology so you can get affordable dental implants in West Caldwell, NJ, right in the comfort of the same modern, pristine dental office you already know and love!

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants use three main components to replicate a natural tooth. The visible top portion, the crown, is fabricated from the highest quality materials to look like a gorgeous natural tooth or set of teeth. With strong, durable ceramics, these crowns resist chipping, cracking, and stains.

The implant post is the part of a dental implant that is surgically placed in the bone tissue. This is the key to the stability of an implant. With precision placement, the bone tissue will fuse with the dental implant post, mimicking the root of a natural tooth that won’t shift, slip, or fall out like a removable denture.

To connect the crown to the post, we use a third piece called an abutment. With these three parts working together, your dental implants can withstand 99% of normal biting forces. That means no more soft food diet and no limits on enjoying all your favorite foods from chewing juicy steak to biting into a crisp apple!

Versatile Dental Implant Solutions

At Blooming Dental & Implant Center, we offer the latest tooth replacement options, including single implants, implant supported bridges, snap-in dentures and full arch dental implants such as All-On-4 or All-on-6. A single dental implant is a great long-term option for tooth loss, while multiple dental implants can be strategically placed to support a zirconia bridge. Dental implants can also be used to increase the stability of a modified and removable denture that snaps securely to implants placed in your jawbone. If you have failing or missing teeth or complete tooth loss, All-on-4 to All-on-X full arch dental implants provide significant benefits compared to traditional dentures. In most cases, we can offer immediate load implants, which means you’ll receive a temporary prosthesis the same day as surgery and won’t have to live another day with tooth loss!

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Single Dental Implants

For individual missing teeth, single dental implants blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth. Unlike a traditional dental bridge, single implants do not require stable neighboring teeth to hold them in place. They’re also much easier to maintain since you’ll be able to brush and floss like normal.

implant supported dentures model

Implant-Supported Dentures

For patients who want the versatility of a removable prosthesis while enjoying the enhanced strength and stability of full-arch dental implants, a removable implant-supported denture may be a great option for you. Sometimes called a snap-in denture, this option uses slightly lighter-weight material than permanently fixed full-arch dental implants, which also makes them a more affordable dental implant option in some cases.

Full-Arch Dental Implants

If you’re facing complete tooth loss, don’t lose hope! You can still enjoy the full strength and function of healthy natural teeth and a smile you’ll love for a lifetime. Full-arch dental implants take the idea of an implant bridge and extend it to replace all the teeth in an arch with just a few strategically placed implant posts. With our cutting-edge precision surgical technology and advanced training, full-arch dental implants can completely restore your smile. You don’t have to settle for old-fashioned dentures that slip, shift, rub, click, and limit your food choices!

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Avoid Making Costly Mistakes!

Dental implants are a lifetime investment in your health, function, and quality of life. Avoid the common mistakes people make when considering implants by following our recommendations.

Because dental implants provide the same stimulation to the supporting bone as natural teeth, they prevent bone loss.

Protect Your Health and Enjoy Your Dream Smile

When teeth go missing, your body no longer needs to dedicate resources to maintaining the bone tissue that once supported those teeth. Over time, the ridge of bone will shrink. Bone loss can lead to strain on your jaw joint, weakness of the jawbone, and changes to your face shape, creating an aged, sunken appearance.

With traditional dentures, the process of bone loss will compromise the fit of your prosthesis, leading to shifting and rubbing. You may need uncomfortable adhesives to hold your teeth in place, and your dentures will require adjustments, relines, and replacement about every seven to ten years. Although traditional dentures are less expensive immediately, those ongoing expenses add up!

Because dental implants provide the same stimulation to the supporting bone as natural teeth, they prevent bone loss. In turn, this prevents problems with your jaw joint, preserves the youthful contours of your face, and keeps the bone of your jaw strong and healthy. It also means your dental implant posts can last a lifetime with good hygiene habits and upkeep. 

Your Dream Smile Starts with a Conversation

As with every treatment at Blooming Dental & Implant Center, your concerns are important to us. Your dental implant process will start with an in-depth consultation. Dr. Theodore Chang will give you his undivided attention so you can explain your full dental history, exactly how your dental health problems are affecting your life, and how you hope dental implants might help. We want to ensure we meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be. 

We’ll collect state-of-the-art digital diagnostics including a 3D CT scan and x-rays. These images will show us exactly how much bone volume you have available to place implants so we can build realistic expectations for your dental implant treatment. They’ll also allow us to create a precision replica of your oral anatomy to create your completely personalized treatment plan.

The great news is that almost all patients make excellent candidates. Even for those complex cases, we have advanced training that goes far beyond what the average dentist can offer, allowing Dr. Chang to place implants even in cases where the bone has shrunk significantly. We’ll also discuss the right sedation option to keep you completely comfortable throughout your treatment.


Dr. Chang

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Procedure Day

We’ll begin your procedure by administering your choice of sedation and ensuring your comfort. Depending on your treatment plan, we’ll perform pre-op procedures such as bone grafting and tooth extractions. We’ll then begin by making an incision to your gum line and place 4-6 dental implants into your jawbone in predetermined spots. Once your implants are placed, we’ll attach an abutment and place your temporary teeth on top.

Finalizing Your New Smile

It will take several months for your implant posts to fully integrate with the bone of your jaw. During that time, you’ll wear a beautiful and functional temporary prosthesis custom-crafted for you, so you can live your life with confidence while you wait for your final restorations.

Once your implant posts have fully integrated with the bone tissue, you’ll return to our office for your final restorations. We’ll give you full instructions on how to properly care for your dental implants. Fabricated from strong, durable materials with careful consideration for your facial esthetics, you’re going to love your dream smile for years to come!

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before and after full mouth dental implant

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