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Don’t Let Missing Teeth Weaken Your Smile

A crest of bone called the alveolar ridge holds your teeth in place. Advanced gum disease can damage the gum tissue, ligament, and bone that work together to hold your teeth in place. As you lose the integrity of these supporting structures, your teeth may become loose or fall out. There are many other reasons teeth can fail or go missing as well. Decay, deep cracks, and failing dental work just to name a few.

When your oral health is good, biting forces transfer pressure and vibration through the roots of your teeth, which stimulates the bone tissue. Once a tooth goes missing, your body no longer needs to maintain the bone that is used to support that tooth. Over time, the bone tissue will shrink.

Bone loss and missing teeth can weaken your jawbone, put a strain on your jaw joints, and compromise the bone supporting your remaining teeth.

Bone loss and missing teeth can weaken your jawbone, put a strain on your jaw joints, and compromise the bone supporting your remaining teeth. Bone loss can also change the shape of your face, aging you significantly. Bone loss can also make it impossible to successfully place dental implants. Without enough bone to secure it in place, even traditional dentures may not be a good option.

Fortunately, our dental team at Blooming Dental & Implant Center have advanced training to rebuild your bone volume with bone grafting in West Caldwell, NJ! Using precision techniques, we can restore the volume and density of the bone that has been lost due to missing teeth. Dental bone grafts can create enough bone to support implants or dentures and stabilize your oral health so you can get back to living life to the fullest!

We can Rebuild What's Been Lost

Bone grafting refers to a variety of procedures that involve placing dental bone graft material in areas where the bone has resorbed, or a tooth has been extracted. We’re proud to offer multiple options for bone grafting in West Caldwell, NJ with the purpose of restoring the proper density, height, and width of the bone in the jaw. Your dental bone graft may involve one or more of the following procedures:

Socket Preservation

Immediately following a tooth extraction, we can pack dental bone graft material into the newly empty socket. This helps to stabilize the bone and slow the resorption process where the tooth is now missing. It can also help preserve the health of the bone until a dental implant can be placed.

ridge splitting 3d photo

Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation refers to a bone grafting procedure that restores the natural density and contours of part or the entirety of a jaw ridge. Restoring healthy bone levels to a jaw arch can make dentures more comfortable and fitted to your gumline.

Sinus Lift Surgery

A sinus lift allows us to add density and volume to the bony support of the upper teeth. During a sinus lift, we’ll gently lift the mucosa lining the sinus cavity and place bone grafting material beneath it. If you lose an upper tooth, sinus lift surgery can help create the right vertical dimension for us to successfully place implants later.

A Versatile Solution to Bone Loss

Bone grafting has amazing potential to improve outcomes for a wide range of oral health problems. It can help us effectively replace missing and failing teeth, protect the health and function of your jaw joints, and maintain the youthful contours of your face. There have even been amazing developments recently in using dental bone grafts treated with antibiotics to stabilize infected implants and treat other large bone defects.

Most importantly, bone grafts allow us to fully rebuild your smile, even if your dental care needs are incredibly complex, restoring your ability to eat comfortably, speak and smile with confidence. With a strong, beautiful smile, you’ll enjoy better confidence, health, and quality of life!

Blooming Bone Graft Difference

At Blooming Dental & Implant Center, we use the most researched and trusted biomaterials as well as PRF for advanced bone grafting procedures. PRF is Platelet-Rich-Fibrin, a concentrate of growth factors drawn from your own blood that helps with faster healing and predictable results. To produce PRF, we use Bio-PRF centrifuges, the most advanced and researched centrifuge available.

Don’t Let Bone Loss Get In Between You and Your Oral Health.

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