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Sometimes dental health can feel like a losing battle. Whether you’ve avoided the dentist due to fear or embarrassment or you feel like more tooth problems keep popping up no matter what you do, it can be discouraging and overwhelming to struggle with failing teeth. Decay, broken teeth, cracks, loose and missing teeth, severely worn teeth, and old or failing dental work can all leave you in constant pain. Poor dental health can make it impossible to eat a full variety of foods and destroy your confidence. You deserve to live a full life and feel great about sharing your smile with the world!

Poor dental health can make it impossible to eat a full variety of foods and destroy your confidence.

If you’re facing complex dental needs, full mouth reconstruction in West Caldwell, NJ can give you a new lease on dental health. A full-mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive approach to completely restoring your full set of strong, functional, and beautiful teeth. With the right combination of treatments for your specific needs, you can once again enjoy a full variety of your favorite foods without limits, smile with confidence, and enjoy the comfort of great oral health.

At Blooming Dental & Implant Center, we have had the privilege to help many patients take back control of their dental health and enjoy a better quality of life through affordable, compassionate, fear-free dentistry. With our advanced training in the full variety of restorative techniques, you can get comprehensive care with the most cutting-edge dental technology. We can’t wait to see you smile!

Is Dental Reconstruction Right for Me?

Advanced Solutions for Every Treatment Need

Dental crowns completely cover an entire tooth, making them the ideal solution for many problems from cracks and severe decay to cosmetic concerns like discoloration. Crowns can play a big part in many dental reconstruction cases, as they enhance the strength, stability, and beauty of the teeth.

Dental bridges replace missing teeth with a false tooth held in place by fusing it to a crown on each side. Traditional dental bridges require stable neighboring teeth to serve as anchors. However, bridges can also be attached to dental implant posts, giving them the same strength and longevity without depending on surrounding teeth.

Porcelain veneers are a wonderful cosmetic solution for many smile zone flaws such as cracks, chips, small gaps, and discoloration that can’t be fixed with tooth whitening. If your full mouth reconstruction treatment plan calls for crowns or bridges that will show when you smile, porcelain veneers can help your restorations blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth, giving you a dream smile you will love!

The shade of your teeth can be a major factor in how confident you feel. Tooth whitening can brighten the shade of your teeth by several shades. Tooth whitening is often a great first step in a full mouth restoration treatment plan, as it will allow us to match your restorations to your brightest shade.

For patients with missing teeth, dental implants is the gold standard tooth replacement option. Because they’re permanently fused to the bone of your jaw, they have superior functionality and longevity over other options. They also look and feel like your own natural teeth!

There are many reasons the nerve of a tooth may become compromised. Decay, cracks, and even severe wear can expose the inner pulp of the tooth. Injuries can cause the tooth to die even years later. The good news is, we may be able to save your tooth with root canal therapy which removes the dead nerve and stabilizes the tooth. Crowns are usually necessary following root canal therapy as the tooth will become brittle afterward.

With today’s tooth-colored filling materials, we can repair damage from decay and even superficial cracks. As part of your dental reconstruction, we can make your restorations virtually invisible, helping enhance the look of your smile while making your teeth strong and functional.

Your Path to Renewed Health and a Gorgeous Smile

At Blooming Dental & Implant Center, we believe in personalized full-mouth reconstructions tailored to your unique needs. Dr. Chang and our team of restorative dentists will create a customized treatment plan after a comprehensive consultation, considering your dental history, goals, and facial esthetics. With advanced 3D diagnostic imaging and sedation options, we ensure your comfort throughout the process.

Our convenient in-house services eliminate the need for multiple specialists, offering affordability and efficiency. Your full mouth reconstruction may require multiple visits, but our minimally invasive techniques prioritize quick recovery. Temporary restorations may be provided during this time, leading to the final restorations and a new smile to enjoy!

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