IPR: What Is It, Does It Hurt, & Do I Need It?

IPR Invisalign

IPR: What is Interproximal Reduction, also known as Slenderization? When planning for your Invisalign, there is a good chance you will need IPR, or Slenderization. Slenderization, when necessary, is the most important step to ensure the success of your case. So what does it do? Correct Alignment of your Teeth When your teeth are wider […]

Munchies – Aligner’s Best Friend

Munchies: Aligner's Best Friend

Aligner Fit Issues Dr. Chang has been treating hundreds of patients with Invisalign for several years. Some patients have Aligner fitting issues, where trays don’t fit very well with the teeth. In the past, we have used suction tubes, cotton rolls, or other products that had a round shape to try to recapture the tooth […]