Why Choose CEREC® Same-Day Crowns?

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There are many benefits to consider before choosing the latest CEREC® technology to restore your smile over conventional crowns.

  • Your tooth is restored in one visit.
    This saves you time away from your work and family, as well as no more gagging from rubber impressions, and fewer numbing shots.
  • You never have a temporary crown.
    With conventional 2-visit crowns, your temporary crowns can fall out while waiting for the final crown. This can cause extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Also, your teeth will start drifting the moment your temporary falls out, which can impact the fit of your crown forever.
  • Your doctor designs the crown start to finish – it will look and fit better to your tooth.
    We make the crown fit your bite and improve your smile. We control the color, size, shape of crowns to match your smile. Because we have a direct look at your mouth, we can control the quality and not cut any corners. We can also make changes on the spot to put that last touch on your smile.
  • Your tooth will be shaved down less.
    With CEREC®, you can still get the crown you need but have less of your tooth shaved. This is because we use the best dental materials to bond the crown to your tooth while shaving your tooth less. With conventional 2-visit crowns, the bonding strength is weaker as it decreases rapidly after 24 hours, and the tooth often got contaminated between visits.
  • Your tooth is less likely to need a root canal.
    If your tooth didn’t have a root canal already but needs a crown, there is always a chance it could end up needing a root canal. With CEREC® same-day crowns, because we can shave down the tooth less, there is less trauma to the tooth, and less chance that it will need a root canal. This can save you time, money and the pain of toothaches.
  • Your tooth will get the best material it deserves.
    Until recently, only Ceramic crowns were available for CEREC® technology. With the latest Primescan and Primemill technology, we can now offer Zirconia crowns when the crown needs maximum strength with limited space, and Ceramic crowns when maximum esthetics is required. You tooth deserves the best choice!
  • You can get crowns done under 1 visit of Sedation.
    Without CEREC® technology, if you needed Sedation to complete your dental work, you would have to come back for a second visit of sedation to finish your crown. This unnecessary added risk and cost can be avoided by choosing CEREC® Same-day Crowns.
  • You can get other procedures done while your crown is being made.
    If you need some more work done in the same area as the tooth needing a crown, you can get the work done while your CEREC® crown is being made for 20-30 minutes! This way you don’t have to come back for another visit and have another shot in the same area. Even if you need work done in a different area, it still saves you a visit to the dentist.

Blooming Family Dental is proud to provide Same-Day Crowns with CEREC® Primescan and Primemill, the most advanced 3D scanning, CAD design, and CAM milling technology in the industry. With CEREC®, now you only need one appointment instead of two for your crowns – no more rubber impressions in your mouth, fewer numbing shots, and less time away from your work and family! CEREC® Primescan and Primemill also offer the option of using Zirconia as well as Ceramics, so your smile will look beautiful and last the test of time. We also provide minimally invasive Onlay restorations, Veneers, Bridges, and Implant Crowns with CEREC technology.

Please call us at 973-475-8964 or click HERE to book an appointment to find out how CEREC® Same-Day Crowns could help you smile again!

Welcome to the dentistry of the future!

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