COVID-19 Safety Update: HOCL Fogging

COVID-19 Safety Update: HOCL Fogging

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Instant Clean Air with HOCL Fogging

At Blooming Family Dental, we take the safety of our team members and our patients seriously. That’s why we invested in HOCL Fogging equipment for Instant Clean Air. Many other industries such as hotels, gyms, and even car washes are using this technology to ensure safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. The HOCL Fogging is an addition to our already rigorous Patient Screening Protocol, Surface Disinfection Protocol, and Triple-Wash Air Purifier Protocol, so you can breathe with confidence.

What Does HOCL Do?

Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is electrolyzed water. It is “the form of free available chlorine that has the highest bactericidal activity against a broad range of microorganisms”. HOCL is used in the food industry, to wash fruits and vegetables, and even for eye and wound care.

HOCL kills virus and bacteria on contact. It also allows for Cold Fogging where HCOL can be dispersed in particle size of 20 microns or less. This way, we can disinfect the air and all the nooks and crannies surface of a treatment room in seconds. Here is Dr. Chang using Vector’s C100 Cold Fogger.

Is HOCL Safe?

HOCL is 100% safe, in fact, we make our own HOCL solution at 200ppm with water, salt, and vinegar using the EcoloxTech’s Eco One Electrolyzed Water System. Did I mention HOCL is even used for eye disinfection?

Eco One Electrolyzed Water System

HOCL Machine

What you can expect

HOCL Fogging adds another tool for us to get the room air clean for our team and patients. We will use HOCL Fogging at the end of every day, and between patients when Triple-Wash Protocol cannot be used. You may hear the noise of the fogger when you are in the office. When we use the Fogger, we can disinfect rooms in under a minute. We need your help to stay on time so we can clean the air for the next patient. We would like to ask you to please:

  1. Please provide new or updated insurance information at least 1 week before
  2. your appointment
  3. Fill out all forms, including the COVID-19 Questionnaire at least 2 days before
  4. your appointment (so you don’t have to fill them out at the office)
  5. Arrive 10 minutes early, please stay in your car and give us a call at 973-787-8437 or text us at 973-975-0937.
  6. Keep your mask on when you come into the office after we let you know we are ready for you.
  7. We will take your temperature when you arrive
  8. Please do not bring anyone else into the office, unless discussed with our office for specific reasons

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Blooming Family Dental is committed to the new Fogging Protocol, so you can breathe with confidence

. We will do everything necessary to make our office the safest dental office to receive dental care. Please give us a call or email us if you have any questions.

Call or click here to book an appointment

. If you are not ready to come back yet, that’s totally okay – just let us know when you are ready.

We look forward to serving you soon.

Stay Safe.

-Team Blooming Family Dental

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