Zero-Radiation Cavity Detection with Carivu
Do you know someone pregnant, or have trouble with dental X-rays? Good news! Our offices uses a Zero-Radiation cavity detection camera called DEXIS CariVu.

CariVu uses revolutionary transillumination technology that helps detect cavities and cracks in your teeth with 99% accuracy. Experience the CariVu at Blooming Family Dental by booking your dental checkup today!

CBCT 3D Imaging
CBCT 3D Imaging is the most advanced device in dentistry that shows accurate 3D images of your jawbone and teeth in less than 20 seconds with less radiation than traditional 2D X-rays.

At Blooming Family Dental, we use KAVO OP3D CBCT 3D Imaging to properly plan and minimize complications during your Dental Implants, Root Canals, and Wisdom Teeth Extractions procedures. CBCT 3D Imaging also helps us to quickly find sources of even the most complicated toothaches, so we can get you out of pain faster.

Digital X-rays
Digital X-rays makes clear images of your jawbone and teeth to find cavities, gum disease and other problems with 90% less radiation than traditional film X-rays.

Blooming Family Dental is proud to offer the class-leading DEXIS Titanium Digital X-ray sensor. DEXIS Titanium is the most advanced sensor that produces phenomenal image clarity, and also has rounded corners for comfort for adults and children.

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