Teeth Extractions in
West Caldwell, New Jersey

Our experts will usually make every effort to save a damaged tooth. But sometimes, it is simply best to remove a tooth to prevent it from causing further problems. When we do decide that an extraction is necessary, we work to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible.

Teeth Extractions in West Caldwell

Before removing any tooth, we start by taking digital X-rays of the structure and the immediate area. This allows us to determine the safest and most effective method for removing the tooth. We will then provide any necessary sedation. Our practice offers local anesthesia and laughing gas.

Most extractions are completed in a matter of seconds. The patient should not feel any serious pain or discomfort during this process, but they will likely feel a sensation of pressure in the area. We then get to work with controlling any bleeding that follows. The patient will need to bite down on a gauze pad for 30 to 45 minutes so that a blood clot can form. The patient must then take special care not to disturb the blood clot during the next few days.

The recovery process following a tooth extraction usually takes a few days. A patient can apply an ice pack for up to 20 minutes at a time on the outer cheek. This can be helpful for reducing any swelling. After the swelling has gone down, a warm compress can be used to provide comfort.

In addition to standard teeth extractions, Blooming Family Dental also offers wisdom teeth extractions for patients. Very few people end up keeping their wisdom teeth, due to the severe angle at which they grow and the lack of space available for them. Removing these structures as early as possible can help prevent any serious problems or issues from occurring later on.

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five stars

Armelle K.

I've never had a better dental experience. Dr. Chang was efficient, kind, and incredibly helpful. He went above and beyond to make sure every single tooth is healthy- the best kind of perfectionist. His bedside manner is so comforting. The scheduling was easy and it doesn't hurt that the lobby itself is so soothing. Don't go anywhere else for dental care- this is what you're looking for!

five stars

Sonia L.

Dr. Chang is an amazing dentist, very gentle with a person who has recently developed a fear of the dentist. He was thorough and explained what was going to be done. His technique numbing my gums was also really good! I didn't feel the injection. Thank you Dr. Chang and thank you Brixi.

five stars

Chi U.

Dr. Chang is one of the most caring and thorough healthcare practitioners I've ever consulted. A rare professional. I'd stick with him for a lifetime if I could.
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