Emergency Dentistry in
West Caldwell, New Jersey

If you need emergency dentistry in West Caldwell, don’t hesitate to call Blooming Family Dental. Our friendly and professional team is here to provide the care you need.

Emergency Dentistry in West Caldwell

You can never plan for a dental emergency or injury. That’s where we come in. At Blooming Family Dental, we offer emergency dentistry services to help all our patients get the high-quality care they need to feel better right away. If you or your child have experienced a dental emergency or injury, call our office right away.

What is a Dental Emergency?
Emergency dentistry is used to treat a number of dental issues as a result of infection, injury or other urgent problems. Our practice is equipped to treat most dental emergencies and injuries in-office. Common dental emergencies include cracked or broken teeth, loose or broken crowns, loose or broken bridges, and pain or swelling due to an abscessed tooth. Common dental injuries include knocked out teeth, cuts on the lips or tongue and sports-related injuries to the face or mouth.

If you’re experiencing pain, swelling or bleeding, call us right away. We can help you determine if you need emergency care and can instruct you on how to treat your symptoms until your appointment. Our team may recommend over-the-counter remedies such as pain relievers or warm compresses, but these treatments can only offer temporary relief. See our trained dental staff for the care you need.

Emergency Dentistry Services
Our dentist can perform a variety of procedures to alleviate your pain and treat the cause. In cases of tooth infections, we may recommend emergency root canal treatment. Root canal treatment will remove the infected tissue from the inside of your tooth (called pulp) so that we can repair your tooth with a crown.

If you have a severely damaged or infected tooth, we may recommend an emergency tooth extraction. We will perform X-rays to determine the extent of the damage or infection. Our team will do everything we can to save your tooth whenever possible.

Calm Your Nerves with Sedation Dentistry
Dental emergencies and injuries aren’t just stressful and inconvenient, but they can also be painful. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry to ease your nerves and make your experience as pain-free as possible. Our team provides local anesthesia for root canals and tooth extractions. We also offer laughing gas to make you comfortable during your treatment.

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five stars

Armelle K.

I've never had a better dental experience. Dr. Chang was efficient, kind, and incredibly helpful. He went above and beyond to make sure every single tooth is healthy- the best kind of perfectionist. His bedside manner is so comforting. The scheduling was easy and it doesn't hurt that the lobby itself is so soothing. Don't go anywhere else for dental care- this is what you're looking for!

five stars

Sonia L.

Dr. Chang is an amazing dentist, very gentle with a person who has recently developed a fear of the dentist. He was thorough and explained what was going to be done. His technique numbing my gums was also really good! I didn't feel the injection. Thank you Dr. Chang and thank you Brixi.

five stars

Chi U.

Dr. Chang is one of the most caring and thorough healthcare practitioners I've ever consulted. A rare professional. I'd stick with him for a lifetime if I could.
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Dr. Theodore Chang
Dr. Chang is passionate about helping his patients by providing the highest quality care.

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