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IPR: What is Interproximal Reduction, also known as Slenderization?

When planning for your Invisalign, there is a good chance you will need IPR, or Slenderization. Slenderization, when necessary, is the most important step to ensure the success of your case. So what does it do?

  1. Correct Alignment of your Teeth
    When your teeth are wider than the space of your jaw, slenderization allows for the correct alignment of your teeth.
    Slenderized or narrower teeth now ‘fit’ within your jaw, correcting overlapping or rotation of teeth.
  2. Without slenderization, the other solution is to flare the teeth forward and outward. However, this can result in unwanted gum recession and an unattractive smile.
  3. Even if your teeth and jaw sizes ‘fit’, your upper and lower jaw may be mismatched. In such a case, slenderizing can help avoid extractions of otherwise normal teeth.
  4. Efficiency of Treatment
    Slenderization allows efficient treatment. We can reduce the time to align your teeth by months or years. This means your new smile will be ready much sooner!
  5. Stability of Outcome
    Stability is key to good long-term results. Slenderization allows your teeth to be finished at the optimal angle. Slenderization also makes more broad contacts between teeth. With the teeth in the correct angle and better contacts, your results will be much more stable!

Does IPR or Slenderization Hurt?

Slenderization does not hurt at Blooming Family Dental! You don’t need a novocaine shot, and it doesn’t take a long time. We use the best instrument in the market to make the space without any tugging on the teeth, and we use finer tools to polish the teeth.

Do I need IPR or Slenderization?

It is very likely you need slenderization to correct your bite with Invisalign. You may think that if you don’t have overlapping of your teeth that you may not need slenderization. However, mismatch of the upper and lower jaw and rotations of teeth also need slenderization to improve.

Slenderization is also a key difference between Mail-Order Aligners vs. In-Office Aligners. Mail-Order Aligners can’t offer any slenderization. This means you cannot achieve your perfect smile, it may take a longer time and have an unstable result.

The Blooming Family Dental Difference

We have experience treating hundreds of patients with clear aligners and braces successfully. We can help you get the smile you always wanted with safety and expertise!

At Blooming Family Dental, every Invisalign case comes with:

– Free Whitening

– Free Aligner Munchies®

– Free Digital Smile Simulation

We are now offering Free Virtual or In-Office consultations for Invisalign.

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