Some patients have a hard time believing that they will have a new smile in a day with All-On-4 Dental Implants.
The short answer is: Yes you can have your teeth in a day!

The reason why someone may expect their new smile to take a long time is that dental implant treatments usually take a long time. Individual implants can take 4-6 months to have a tooth, and if it needs bone grafting, it can even take 12-18 months. It’s still a very successful way to treat missing teeth, and patient satisfaction is high.

With All-On-4 procedures, by placing 4 or more implants at the same time where there is strong bone, we are able to connect those implants and provide exceptional stability. Think of a bicycle versus a 4×4 truck. The truck will always be more stable! Also, we avoid costly and time-consuming bone graft procedures, so we can save time.

In one day, your new smile will be ready for friends, colleagues, and family to see. Your body still takes 3-4 months to heal, so you should take it easy on your new teeth. The best news is, at the end of the healing period, we start making another set of teeth with even more beautiful and strong material, and you will never be without your teeth.

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