Have you ever considered going overseas to get Dental Implants?

Let me share with you a Pros and Cons list to help you make an informed decision.


  1. It’s cheaper right? But you get what you pay for.
  2. You get a vacation at the same time (really?).


  1. Lack of regulations – What are the regulations in the country you’re considering? Quite often you’ll find a lack of or inferior regulations.
    What if the Implant fails after you return home? Are you going to fly off again, take time off of work, hotels, flights? Not so cheap anymore!
  2. Follow up care – Follow up is not nearly as important to an overseas provider because you come, you pay, you go!
    Your local Dentists is much more concerned with follow up because you’re a lifelong patient. At Blooming Family Dental we offer a 5-Year Warranty for all of our work!*
  3. You can’t enjoy a vacation – It’s a big myth that you’ll enjoy a great vacation at the same time as your treatment. The nerves before the treatment and the after-treatment care required are not going to put you in a vacation mood.
    And a long flight home after the surgery? 200 people in a confined space coming from a country with untold tropical and exotic diseases…Rather you than me!
  4. Reputation – How can you possibly know the reputation of a Dental Practice in another country? Who are you actually dealing with?
  5. Infection – There’s really no way for you to know the standards adhered to in another country. We’re not saying all overseas providers are bad, not at all, there are no doubt some great ones but we’re simply pointing out some considerations that you might not have thought of that make Dental Tourism a little more expensive than you might first think.

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